Closure Work Week Beginning 27.04.20

Hi everyone! Thank you for the messages and photos that you have sent to me last week. It is great to see how you are getting on and it pleases me how hard you are working!

Please see the work for this week below.


This week, you will be recapping on place value. Counting in 25s and comparing numbers will be your focus.

Quick reminder:

Look at the number sequence below. Do you notice any patterns?

25    50    75    100   125   150   175   200  225  250  275  300

Can you carry on the sequence?

How about from different starting points. Please add the next 5 numbers to the sequences:

450  475          …              …              …              …              …

1025         1050         …              …              …              …              …

9600        …              …              …              …              …

Please see a selection of maths activities in the attachment below.

Place Value Games


Speech will be your focus for this week! You will be recapping on using inverted commas, direct speech and indirect speech. Please see attached the speech tasks and video guidance for this week below.

Speech Games

Physical Education

Please see attached this week’s activities. Pick an activity and record down how many you can do in 60 seconds? Can you beat your score??


For art, you will continue to work on tonal shading. You will need to use the techniques of cross-hatching and blending to complete the task. Please see attached the activities for this week.


This half term, our topic focus will be on climate zones. You will be looking at weather facts from countries from around the world.  Please see attached the tasks for this week. 


For Science this week you will continue to learn about living things and their habitats. Please see attached the activities for this week where you will be identifying and classifying a variety of living things.

Mr Ellinson’s Challenge

Please see below a video by Mr Ellinson. He has set you a fun craft-making task. I look forward to seeing your creations on Class Dojo!


This week we are focusing on mental health. You have two tasks to boost your wellbeing whilst away from school! Please see the activities attached below.


This week, I have provided an inference task and comprehension activities for you to do. Please complete and answer these tasks in your workbook.

Questions for free reading were given out in your work pack in ‘Week One’. I would like you to continue answering those questions throughout your time away from school.

Please continue to access The site provides fantastic daily tasks for the children to work through.

Spelling and handwriting

Please see attached a selection of words from the Year 3/4 word list. Please practise these in your workbook, taking extra time to present your words neatly.


Please contact me through Class Dojo if you have any questions or need any support.

Take care,

Mr Newman


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