Ethos and Values

'Inspire, Learn, Succeed'


Upton Westlea Statement of Intent

Vision Statement

'Upton Westlea is incredible for those wanting to achieve their goals with help from our kind, helpful teachers. We work as a team to help us through hard times.'

- Kind Teachers

- Stand United - Working Together in Hard Times

- Work as a Team

- Playing Outside

- Teachers help us Learn

- Good Books

(School Council October 2018)

It is also a place where:

  • Every child is safe
  • Every person is valued and respected
  • Efforts and achievements are celebrated
  • Every person is encouraged to make healthy life choices
  • Everyone is encouraged to make a positive contribution
  • Every child is given the opportunity to achieve their potential
  • Learning is enjoyed.

Mission Statement

At Upton Westlea we will provide every child with a safe and healthy environment in which to learn and develop the skills they need to be effective future citizens.

Aims (outcomes)

The school aims that all children:

  • Are literate and numerate
  • Are independent learners
  • Are confident, flexible and well-balanced
  • Can adapt skills to suit a variety of situations
  • Value diversity
  • Understand their responsibility to others
  • Are self-disciplined
  • Can follow their aspirations

Objectives (provision)

The objectives of the school are:

  • To establish high expectations and a success culture
  • To develop a learning community
  • To establish professional debate and discussion amongst all staff
  • To build leadership and management skills in all staff
  • To ensure that there is a learning environment in every classroom
  • To create and maintain a physical environment that promotes and reinforces the value, safety and inclusion of all individuals
  • To ensure the continued involvement of the whole school community
  • To develop community links locally
  • To promote British values which are :
  • To actively promote the values of democracy
  • To learn right from wrong
  • To promote the rights of the individual
  • To foster mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs
  • To foster honesty
  • To learn to trust people
  • To be friendly to those around us
  • To appreciate what we have
  • To keep trying hard
  • To be kind
  • To learn to share and take turns
  • To take responsibility
  • To be fair

The school strategic priorities, which develop the vision statement, can be seen in the school development plan. (This is displayed in the front entrance of school).