Closure Work Week Beginning 30.03.20

Hi everyone! I hope you are all keeping well and safe! Thank you so much for contacting me throughout the week and keeping me updated with all the tasks that you have completed! 

Please see below the work for this week.


This week, you will be recapping on multiplication.

Multiplying 2-digit and 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number using written methods will be your focus. You will need to use the column method for multiplication to show how you will achieve the answer.

For example:- 

Please see a selection of maths activities in the attachment below.


Nouns and pronoun use will be your focus for this week!

Quick recap:-

Common nouns

Names of things (places or objects)

Proper nouns

Names of a person, place or thing. They always begin with a capital letter!


A word used to replace the noun.

There are a range of activities in the attachment below and an opportunity to apply the skills within a story.

Physical Education

It is so important for you all to remain healthy and active. Please see attached this week’s challenge card that will give you the opportunity to work on your throwing skills. Please also tune in to Joe Wicks’ daily workout on YouTube every morning at 9am!


During the week, I have provided you with the chance to practise and develop your art skills. Your focus will be on drawing with lines. Please see attached guidance and your activities for this week.


I am looking forward to seeing the fact files that you have started in ‘Week One’! Please see attached an extra activity for this week. I would like you to draw and label the different parts of a volcano.

Extra challenge- Can you research the different parts of a volcano and display in more detail what each part does?


Questions for free reading were given out in your work pack in ‘Week One’. I would like you to continue answering those questions throughout your time away from school. This week, I have provided an inference task and an activity for you to do. Please answer in your workbook. also display fantastic daily tasks for the children to work through. This provides a brilliant opportunity to develop both reading and writing skills.


Please carry on working through the Year 3/4 words and the spelling menu from the pack in ‘Week One’.

Useful websites, apps and ideas

Please also see attached website links for home learning. These websites will provide as a support tool and provide enjoyment through a variety of educational games.  

Please contact me through Class Dojo if you have any questions or need any support.

Take care,

Mr Newman



Files to Download