Our Bear Hunt

Lesson: Communication, Language and Listening

Class: Blossom-Nursery Year: 2017 - 2018

On Friday (6th October) Nursery went on a Bear hunt.

First we made snadwiches. We started off making sandwiches but as OH said 'you shouldn't put sand in them - just jam or cheese spread !!! 

After we changed into wellies and put our coats on - we went through the long green grass - swishy swashy, through a deep cold river - splash splosh, through the oozy mud, squishy squashy and through the dark woods - stumble and trip.

Even though we looked everywhere we still didn't find a bear so instead we all sat in the cave and ate our independently made sandwiches and a chocolate chip muffin whilst we listened to the story - Going on a Bear Hunt.