London 2016

Date: 5th May 2016 @ 3:59pm

5H London residential!

Year 5 started the summer term off by taking a residential trip to London. As our summer topic is 'Meet the greeks' (specifically focusing on how Ancient Greece has influenced our democratic society today) we took the amazing opportunity to visit Parliament and even watched a live debate in the House of Commons. Additionally, the children visited The British Musuem, watched a West End show, slept on the HMS Belfast, dined at the world famous Rainforest Cafe and toured Harry Potter studios! 


Yes, we even sampled the popular wizzarding beverage - BUTTERBEER! 

On the first night we dined at the world famous Rainforest Cafe... 

Hope you enjoy the photos, 

Mr H 

Ps: can anybody name the four houses which feature in Harry Potter? Feel free to comment below! 

amy wrote:

it was so so fun!!!!

Chloe wrote:

It was fun
Do u like Harvey's butter cream moustache

Chloe wrote:

I know so fun

Isabelle Grace Pritchard wrote:

Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slivering and Gryffindor 👍🏻

amy wrote:

it was so fun

Chloe wrote:

I love the display