Maths at Upton Westlea

Mathematics at Upton Westlea Primary School

Mathematics in the Early Years

Planning is taken from the White Rose Scheme for Reception. Staff within Nursery and Reception use the Development Matters document to plan and enhance Continuous Provision activities to support the children’s learning within Number with shape, space and measure topics being planned for during the year. Within Nursery, the areas and activities covered can be found within the half termly pacers and weekly planning. For Reception, the overview of the White Rose being taught can be found on the LTP for Maths with activities and additional information included. In lessons, the children are taught Maths in range of practical ways in both adult led and adult directed tasks. During child initiated play, children are encouraged to develop their mathematical skills; all areas include an element of both number and SSM where appropriate. Cross curricular links are made wherever possible and areas enhanced to provide challenge for pupils, giving children the opportunities to apply their skills in a range of different contexts.

Mathematics at KS1 and KS2

For Mathematics at Upton Westlea follows the White Rose Scheme. Each year group follow the scheme focusing on blocks of work to cover all aspects of the National Curriculum. The children are given a wide range of opportunities to consolidate their existing learning and learn the new aspects within their year group. On entry in the morning the children complete Morning Maths which focus on consolidation of mental calculations, times tables, written methods and fractions. In lessons the children are taught Maths in range of practical and written methods and fluency is supported by giving children the opportunities to apply their skills in a range of different contexts. Fluency, reasoning and problem solving are key to the children’s development within Maths and opportunities within these areas are carefully planned for in each year group.

Mathematics and being active

As a school we encourage children to participate in physical activities to support being healthy. Within Maths, we plan for opportunities for children to take part in active Maths lessons, they are linked to the objectives and areas that the children are learning in their daily Maths lessons. These lessons give children the opportunity to apply their mathematical skills in a different approach and be active at the same time.

Mathematics at home

We encourage children to practice their Math's skills at home. Your child's class teacher will set Math's homework at least every other week linked to their learning in Math's lessons this may be set on My Maths, which is a learning platform that the children have their own account to log on to and complete the work set by their class teacher. As a school we use Times Table Rockstars, this enables the children to practice the fundamental skills of times tables in a fun approach. The children can access this at home through a personal login and practice the times tables set by their teacher. 

Our children's views about Maths at Westlea

During the school year, the children are given the opportunity to share their views on Maths. The children's responses have included the following:

  • “It’s really good for you when you’re grown up and you go for a job interview.”
  • “We learn more things, learn symbols.”
  • “I like Maths because we are learning about interesting stuff.”
  • “I like Maths more now because we are doing more advanced work.”
  • “I enjoy Maths because sometimes we get to go outside.”
  • “I like that you have a correct answer.”
  • “Learning new methods. Using many skills.”
  • “Good for the outside world.”
  • “Lot of real life applications for it.”

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