Writing at Upton Westlea

Our school uses a text-based approach for the teaching of writing which not only equips our children with the necessary skills to be confident, independent writers but has also helped them to develop a love for writing.

We use ‘Pathways to Write’ which is a methodology developed by The Literacy Company. High quality, engaging texts are used as a hook for each unit of work and children are taught to develop their vocabulary, reading and writing skills relevant to their current year group.

This mastery approach to writing allows the children to develop and practice their writing skills over a series of short tasks, often focussing on only 2-3 key objectives. Towards the end of the unit, they then plan, draft, write, evaluate and edit a longer, independent piece of writing using everything they have mastered throughout the particular unit.

Our school curriculum has been developed around our English units. This has allowed us to provide further writing opportunities in subjects other than English as there are clearer links across the whole curriculum. By doing so, the children are able to apply their skills developed in English more fluently across other areas of their learning.

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